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Rafa' Yadain - Raising Hands with Takbeer

Rafa yadain is the rasing of both the hands while saying takbeer (Allahu Akbar). Several sahih Ahadith are collected as a proof that rafa ul yadain should be performed only once, at the time of beginning of salaah. Fatwa of Abu Hanifa (R.A) for not performing rafa ul yadain except at the beginning of salah is based on sahih hadith. It is accepted that there are another set of sahih hadith, which shows that rafa ul yadain must be performed several times. We muslims cannot judge from both types of hadith that which method must be followed. Therefore, we follow the ijtehad of our beloved ulema such as Imam Abu Hanifa (RA), Imam Malik (RA), Imam Shafai' (RA) & Imam Ahmed (RA) for solving the conflict. Peoples like zakir naik speek against taqleed and prefer to follow hadith from books like Bukhari, Muslim, we must know that these muhaddith (imam bukhari(RA) and imam muslim(RA)) are also muqallid of imam shafai' (RA). Taqleed of imam is compulsory for us - click here

By the way proof for not performing rafa ul yadain is given below:  



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